• Robert Volčjak
  • Alenka Kavkler

Survival analysis of »The training and educating employees« measure

Gospodarska gibanja 444

The article deals with the characteristics that affect the length of employment of persons involved in training and education of employees in the period 2007 - 2013, and quantitatively assess the risk of job-loss for persons in the program. Estimation of the effectiveness of the measure by matching shows that the average effect of the observed measure is positive and statistically significant. Kaplan-Meier estimator reveals that the proportion of employed at the end of the formal duration of the program is greater than the proportion of employed in the control group. During the duration of the measure the proportion of persons in the program who have lost their jobs (according to the number of persons remaining in the program) is always lower than the proportion of newly unemployed persons without first-seekers of job (according to the number of all employees in Slovenia). Using Cox proportional hazards model, we can see that with increasing age of persons in the program, the possibility of job-loss increases with each year;, for women the risk is lower than for men.

Full article is available in Slovenian language.

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