Aleksander Bajt
Professor Aleksander Bajt, PhD, the institute founder in the year of 1963

EIPF was founded in 1963 by Professor Aleksander Bajt, PhD. The Institute's research activities focused on macroeconomics as well as present and future economic trends. As an independent institute, EIPF monitored the measures taken by those responsible for economic policy using its own analytical tools, which are still being developed and used by its researchers.

After the independence the analyses of EIPF shifted from the ex-Yugoslav countries towards the Slovenian economy and EU member states and the Euro zone and lately also towards the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Over the last couple of years, the research field of EIPF has included international integrations and the assessment of global economic trends.
Empirical analyses of the research group at EIPF – regarding national as well as global economies – are based on contemporary econometric, mathematical and statistical prognostic methods. The results of EIPF research activities contribute to contemporary economic theory, comparative economics and economic policy, and represent professional basis for decision taking of managers and economic policy designers.

In the past, EIPF formed a rich empirical basis and appropriate informational support for a variety of economic subjects and managers for taking reasonable decisions. In addition, the work of EIPF helped economic policy designers in finding answers to different strategic questions. The results of EIPF research work have an important influence on the Slovenian economic policy formation and help Slovenian companies in their efforts to strengthen their competitiveness, increase added value and foster their development and growth.

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