Findings, commentaries and the results of the Institute's research activities are represented to the general public through the monthly publication "Gospodarska gibanja" (Economic Movements).

Gospodarska gibanja

Empricial analyses of the research group at EIPF – covering both national and global economy – are based on contemporary econometric, mathematical, statistical and prognostic methods. Through the years, the research group at EIPF has formed a substantial database by using a specific statistical cleaning methodology, which enables quality forecasts of economic trends. Through the LINK project, EIPF is involved in forecasting world economic growth and developed a number of specific methodologies for forecasting economic movements in Slovenia and in the EU. EIPF is responsible for the short-term macroeconomic model of Slovenian economy and, from 2008, the short-term econometric model of the performance of economies in the Euro region as well as forecasts of economic trends in this area.

EIPF developed a methodology for measuring the effects of large investment projects on the Slovenian economy, models of regulatory capital or models for achieving capital standards for banks, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries. In addition, EIPF developed models for assessing different risks involved in business operations by taking into account best practices on a world-wide basis. 

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