• France Križanič
  • Jan Žan Oplotnik

Market distortions and macroeconomic effects of replacing Slovenian electricity production by imports

Gospodarska gibanja 493


Since 2011 has Slovenian production in thermal power plants and nuclear power plant gradually declined. Conditions for normal electricity production from classical sources (nuclear energy, thermal energy) have quickly deteriorated due to the absence of costs  recovery regimes through a variety of schemes for the maintenance of an adequate reserve power in the electric power system. In the case of bankruptcy, closure and decommissioning of the classic producers of electricity caused by market disturbances and the inactivity of the Slovenian energy policy, Slovenia is going to lose stable electric power supply and also a lot of jobs (10 thousand) and significant amount of value added (more than 0.3 billion € per year). This will be accompanied by significant negative fiscal effects.

Keywords: the market structure pricing, production of electricity, energy and economy

JEL: D40, L94, Q43

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