• France Križanič
  • Jan Žan Oplotnik
  • Vasja Kolšek

Slovenian macroeconomic results and required yields on Republic of Slovenia bonds

Gospodarska gibanja 482


Since 2008, Slovenia has faced a double bottom crisis. This characteristics is not otherwise found among the group of analyzed EU Member States, economically developed countries outside the EU or large countries with a medium-high income per capita. During this period, Slovenia has experienced above-average fiscal imbalance on one hand and marked improvement of its external balance on the other.
The average annual required yield of Slovenian ten-year bonds in 2012 and 2013 was as much as 6%, then reduced to slightly above 3% in 2014. According to the assessment of the credit risk associated with changes in Slovenian macroeconomic results (2011-2014), the Slovenian ten-year bonds yield should have been in 2013 lower and in 2014 higher than actual.

Key words: Bonds, Yield, Public debt, International financial markets, Macroeconomics

JEL: E43, E44, E47, E65, F32, F34, F41, G15, H63



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