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Integration of Slovenia into single market eight years after entering EU

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By entering EU a country becomes part of the so called Single Market that assures freedom of movement of goods, persons, services and capital. Due to longest tradition, the highest level of integration has been achieved in the market for goods. Services market is less integrated, while a movement of persons remains rather low. Very high level of financial markets integration has been achieved, its level is but very volatile.

Slovenia is well integrated into the Single Market. Its connections with EU are close to EU average or even higher in all four freedoms. Above average share of Slovenian trade in goods is with EU members states. Trade in services lags behind; similarly as in other EU member states. Slovenian capital and labor markets are firmly connected ex-Yugoslavia; most foreign employees in Slovenia originate from the area, while majority of a rather small number of Slovenians work in other EU states. Eighty percent of FDI in Slovenia comes from EU, while less than fifth of Slovenian FDI goes to EU member states.

Key words: EU, single market, labor market, Yugoslavia

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