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Social Enterprises and Corporate Social Responsibility

Gospodarska gibanja 446

European Commission has recently prepared and adopted (25.10.2011) two important initiatives: on social enterprises and on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Conservative European Commission has with this act surprisingly stepped on so called third way paved by former British president labourist Tony Blair. However, reason for action is not ideological but accumulated social problems, which capitalism is not solving, but originating. Concept of social enterprises, which have in the basis realization of social objectives, is an idea for salvation of urgent social and environmental problems, together with redirection of commercial enterprises from profits only to social responsibility for employees and environment.

Social enterprises began with accelerated evolution in Europe 10 years ago on the basis of European initiative EQUAL, they nowadays according to the recent estimates employ on average 4.6% of working population. Development of social entrepreneurship has been active also in the rest of the world and many good practices occurred, like micro credits and fair trade. The best example of good practice is Great Britain, which has developed a wider concept of the third sector. Slovenia is with the social entrepreneurship only at the beginning, in the years 2010 and 2011 has financed few more or less successful projects of social enterprises, above all the higher social benefits of the costs would be expected – € 10 million would be sufficient for 1.000 jobs annually and not only for 43. Slovenia has adopted Act on social entrepreneurship, but before putting in force it is indispensably to prepare analysis of situation and problems, cost-benefit analysis, analysis of good practices, strategy of development and action plan for social entrepreneurship.

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